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_ MedSci About Us _

MedSci (Pty) Ltd was established in January 2009 as a company that sells, installs, services and maintains various types of medical equipment and products in the African market.

We supply and maintain medical equipment, physiotherapy equipment, aesthetic medical equipment and biomedical test equipment. Some of the leading brands we represent include: Philips Healthcare, Goldway Healthcare, Fluke Biomedical, BTL Medical Technologies and Zimmer MedizinSysteme.

We also specialise in the manufacturing of medical trolleys and brackets where the need exists.

Where our expertise is needed we also assist in hospital development and planning. Over fifty years of joint experience in the field of medical equipment delivery, installation and service gives us the opportunity to give honest input on a large scale.

Our commitment is to give fair and honest input, with the latest data available, based on scientific facts and professional opinion backed up by our extensive experience.

_ Selling _

Our staff has over 60 years combined experience in sales of medical equipment.

MedSci has a well equipped technical workshop, highly trained technical personnel and certified test and calibration equipment. MedSci is capable of repairing or assessing repairs on most medical equipment either in our workshop or on-site at the customer.

Equipment repairs require that any damaged, malfunctioning or defective medical device be repaired and returned to use, so as to comply with the manufacturer’s “as new” requirements. All repairs done by MedSci follows the manufacturer’s guidelines on spare parts- and repair and service procedures where applicable.

_ Equipment Repairs _

With over 50 years of combined experience in service and repair of medical equipment, MedSci has a strong technical division. MedSci is an accredited distributor of the Philips Healthcare products and as such we offer board level repairs on all Philips and HP Medical products. Products in the Philips / HP series that we can assist with include:

We can also assist with technical guidance on diagnostic ultrasound and radiology equipment.

_ Technical Experience _

In addition to the above, MedSci offers technical support and guidance on other medical equipment, including:

MedSci offers four (4) technical solutions depending on end customers needs.

  1. Equipment Repairs
  2. Equipment Maintenance and Service (inducing maintenance and service contracts)
  3. Equipment life cycle assessments and management.
  4. Training and after sales support (technical and non-technical)

_ Equipment Maintenance & Services _

Equipment maintenance and service ensures that any medical or electro medical device performs, delivers, functions or measures in accordance with the manufacturer’s and/or international standards guidelines. Regular inspection, servicing and performance testing of medical or electro-medical devices ensure that the device is in compliance with the regulatory standards and in correct working condition that does not pose any level of hazard to the health care provider using it or the patient it is used on.

MedSci has extensive experience in servicing and maintenance of medical and electro- medical equipment. MedSci follows IEC60601, IEC62353 and manufacturer’s guidelines, -standards and -procedures during testing, servicing and maintenance of equipment and uses calibrated biomedical test equipment during testing. MedSci can offer the following solutions (device, location and customer requirements dependent):

Maintenance and Service:

_ Service _

A typical service will consist of the following components:

  1. Visual inspection of device (cables, casing, accessories…)
  2. Electrical Safety Test (IEC62353 /60601-1 guideline)
  3. Performance verification (as per manufacturer recommendation)
  4. Documentation, assessment reports, test reports, updated user training.

Maintenance and service contracts can be offered depending on equipment volumes and customer requirements.

All maintenance, service, safety and performance reports are electronically logged and recorded for ease of data management and data transfer.

_ Equipment Life-Cycle Assessments & Management  _

MedSci offers equipment life cycle assessments and equipment life cycle management. Medical equipment life cycles are dependant on the risk level of the device, usage of the device, repair- and maintenance costs and manufacturer’s after sales support.

Higher risk level devices like Defibrillators, Ventilators and Anaesthetic machines have a shorter life expectancy, and hence the user needs to budget for it being removed from service within a certain time span. Repair and maintenance costs on ageing devices may make a device excessively expensive compared with replacing it with a new device.

Technological advances, manufacturer’s backup support and updated regulations may all affect a device’s useful life cycle. To ease the burden of life cycle management and medical equipment procurement, MedSci can offer assessments on most medical devices and provide impartial reports.

MedSci offers training on all the products we distribute, as well as most products we do not directly represent (device specific).

Our training entails end user (doctors, nursing) as well as technical training. Please consult with us regarding the speciality and level of training required.

_ Training & After-Sales Support  _